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What's the point in having a website, if no one ever visits it? Having a badly designed website with little or no traffic is about as useful as a chocolate fire-guard.

If you’re serious about your business and want to boost your profits, beating the competition and standing out from the crowd is vital. By using the latest search engine marketing (SEM) methods you can achieve just that.

Our main Online marketing in Ireland services search engine optimisation, adwords campaigns and email marketing in Dublin


Understanding the problem

We now know that the Irish economy went into a recession last year. Companies that previously didn’t need to invest much into marketing are now looking at news ways of bringing in the business.

A recession pushes companies to get back to basics and focus on sales and marketing to keep their business alive.

How to beat the recession?

This is where the Internet comes in to play. Utilizing a business website to help market your business online and generate sales leads or indeed direct sales, can be a cost effective approach compared to traditional sales and marketing methods.


" FACT: 81% of Irish internet users use search engines like Google every day "


Current online market:

  • Small to medium sized businesses are making more services available online, because of the savings this represents
  • Consumers are spending more time online looking for new sources of services
  • 638,500 Irish people use the Web each day and half of that number use daily search engines websites (Source: Forrester / IAB)


What happens after your website is online?

  • You can generate more sales using our online marketing services
  • You can use Google Ads (AdWords) for internet marketing in Ireland
  • You can use Website positioning (Search Engine Optimization)
  • You can use Email Marketing in Dublin (Newsletter)


Our goal is to generate the highest amount of qualified leads traffic for the least amount of money. However, we recommend using both services online marketing (SEM) and Search Engines Optimization (SEO) for fast results and maximum presence.


So, what is the difference between SEO and AdWords?

Imagine a shop in a city centre. If your location is right, you have constant traffic to your place. No matter what you are selling, with the sheer amount of people passing, you will always find somebody who will buy. Now, let’s say that your ‘shop’ is outside the city centre and you have less traffic and less potential customers.

With AdWords or called sometime Search Engine Marketing (SEM) it is like placing direction signs from the city centre back to your shop. Not only will you attract more people, but they will be qualified potential clients interested only in your services, as the signs will tell them exactly what you sell.

With Search Engine Optimization SEO from the other side, it’s like buying a small motor with small wheels, attaching them to your shop and constantly driving slowly in the city centre direction. It will take time but once you have bought it you do not have to pay for using it. You may require to tank some fuel from time to time (additional optimization after few months), but it’s your engine and it will work for you all the time.

You will receive strongest results with combining two forces described above. One will take you closer to the city (SEO - Higher Rankings) and the second will direct traffic to your shop (AdWords – to your website).

Considering the fact that almost everybody is now using the internet to find the best offers and products, at the moment it is the most cost effective form of advertising available (Compared to paper advertising and other traditional methods).

We strongly advise you to consider these options if you are serious about your business. Who needs a shop (Website) if nobody knows it exists?!



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