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Why in recession is so important to upgrade your website and start advertising online?

February 12th, 2009 | Author: admin

Everybody now speaks about how to cut corners, how to save and how to survive but is it a good move to cut your advertising, to hide your head in the sand? Now than ever before is most important to your business to be visible and be easily to find over the internet. Everybody now is looking for bargains and best place to look for them is internet. Where do you look for anything today?

What is the purpose of having a website (often old and badly designed) if no one can find you?

What is the purpose of having outdated website which everyone will leave in 3 seconds after just blinking at it? If your website doesn’t catch your visitors’ eye in that time, you are lost and forgotten.

That is why exactly now is the best time for a change.

If you do not have a website, get it. If it’s old – redesign it. If it’s nowhere close to the top on Google results page – start advertising. Your website can be a real tool to catch new leads and customers, not just dead display for its own sake.

Times of having any kind of website are long gone.

During last few years competition raised, solutions evolved, market expanded. To really embrace the power of internet now you need to take new steps. Interest your visitors with what you have to offer. Lead them to your website form search results using advertising. Present your services in attractive a clear way. Inform your current clients about new offers and services using Newsletters. Turn your website into marketing tool don’t act like sitting duck.

We have knowledge and experience in turning websites into your 24/7 sales tool

At the same time our prices are very competitive. How it that possible? Simple – we are not big bloated company (and we are proud of that) that has to pay a lots of wages and other commitments; we are group of professionals that are passionate about website optimization (visual and practical). With small number of dedicated team specializing in different fields, we create strong momentum for effective changes. Why not give us a call on 01 524 1713?

BarCamp Cork II

November 2nd, 2008 | Author: admin

And we are back! It was a long day, long journey but it was worth it. After 7 hours in total behind the wheel we are back from BarCamp Cork II with new ideas and new plans.

First of all we would like to address big thanks to organizers for their hospitality and obviously for hosting such great meeting. It was very nice to get together with other open minded people from the industry. Special thanks are for people from Synergy Module ( and Eden Bee ( for their very interesting insights into electricity consumption. It is always great to learn something new and useful at the same time. We hope they will change our world and succeed with their plans. We are looking forward to see it in near future.

Over all impressions are very positive. It was really fantastic to be able to exchange knowledge and ideas with others from our and similar businesses. Great to hear valuable information regarding, marketing, advertising, strategic planning, and… wine, thanks to Julian Alubaidy from Bubble Brothers (

We are looking forward for next year already. Next time we are planning some small lecture from our company. You have been warned!

Once again big thanks for having us there!

Good luck everybody!

You can find more information at BarCamp website :

GoWeb Team

The Internet is good for the brain: develops memory and reasoning

November 1st, 2008 | Author: admin

Using the Internet well affect the brain … at least when it comes to people in middle age and older – inform the American Journal of Geriatric Psychology.

Team of Professor Gary Small of the University of California in Los Angeles revealed that online searching stimulates the cerebral network exploration centers responsible for decision-makers and complex reasoning. Perhaps such activity prevents even physiological changes associated with age – dying away neurons and decreasing their activity.

The study was carried out on 24 volunteers aged from 55 to 76 years. Compared their brain activity while searching the Internet and reading books. Both reading, as well as the use of computer activated areas responsible for language, reading, memory and vision. However, in the case of experienced Internet users were also boosting the centers responsible for taking decisions and complex reasoning. Compared to the reading, Internet searching requires more mental effort, even when choosing from among many possibilities.

You have previously observed beneficial effects on the brain different puzzles, crosses or board games (including bingo games in). It seems that also surf on the web should get on this list.

Broadband Internet for all

September 27th, 2008 | Author: admin

Broadband Internet access in Europe should be universal service, accessible to all citizens – this is the European Commission view, which on Thursday began debate on this issue with representatives of governments and business. High-speed Internet access are present in about 1 / 3 of all households throughout the European Union.

In countries such as Belgium, Denmark and Luxembourg broadband access to the web is universal, but poorer countries lag far behind. EC considers that, while competitive markets make wider broadband access networks to proceed in a systematic pace, we should “make further efforts to ensure access for all”.

“The Internet is a quick passport to the information society and a key condition for economic development. Therefore, the task of the commission is to ensure that the Internet has become accessible to all Europeans to 2010″ – Said Viviane Reding, EU Commissioner for Information Society and Media. However the Commission reserves, that this time does not intend to propose any new proposals for legislation.

EU Directive on universal service for the 2002 stipulates that all citizens must have access to broadband Internet.

According to the Commissioner, a large responsibility in this regard rests on the public sector (while private telecommunications companies failed to make the mobile phone service providers without public aid). Currently in the European Union mobile penetration is 112% (it is not known, however, whether the data is overstated).

Reding, however, recognizes the rapid growth in mobile telephony as an example of confidence in the European telecoms market – so operators do not have to impose the obligation to the spread of mobile telephony services.

For more information visit: Europe’s Information Society –