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Why your business website should be designed by professionals?

October 16th, 2013 | Author: admin

With the number of people using the internet and businesses opting to go online increasing every minute, the internet has revolutionized how we find and share information. The internet is the future of any and every business and doesn’t show any signs of slowing down, as a web presence has become a fundamental part of success for any business. But why is online presence important for business and how does it impact the real time business from being online?

Like every business owner, if you are on the lookout for an audience, more customers, more sales or people to influence, the web is where your business needs to be. Stats are compelling and they are so significant there is no chance of neglecting the fact that there are more than 78% of Americans using the Internet and an astounding 2.2 billion people are online worldwide. Therefore, small businesses with a company websites experience an average of 39% greater revenue per year than those without websites, according to the Small Business Administration.

Customers who don’t find a company website when searching for a particular company are sure to grow suspicious about the company. Does this company really exist? Can I trust them? Are they trying to scam me? Are some of the questions that crop up in the customer’s mind. Looking into customer behavior, it is easy to find a pattern as most of the internet users, even if they don’t purchase online, they research and look online before they buy. According to a research by Nielsen Advertising, it was found that 58 percent of global online consumers said they more likely to trust a company with “owned media,” such as a company with a website, versus one who doesn’t (Nielsen Advertising Survey, 2012).

Any small business that is online stands to gain substantially by building their business brand like never before. Irrespective of how your business fares, websites give you unlimited freedom to determine how your business looks to your customers. With more and more platforms to make use of, Website design has become flexible, scalable and can change as per requirements as businesses evolve. Moreover, one of the least talked about advantages is that there are no off hours for the website as they also allow your business to be available around the clock, even during off business hours.

For any business, websites have become one of the most cost-effective tools available and it’s obvious why so many businesses now leverage a website. And as it is easier to build a website that one would imagine, there are so many web design companies who have been catering to the small business build a website. Take care that you place your website design order with a company that know the language of business, and not with a geeky or arty web designer, who might build a good looking website but might lack on all other technical aspects.

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