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Freedom of Internet is safe, for now…

May 6th, 2009 | Author: admin
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Web users can triumph – European parliament rejected new the Telecom Package. The reason? Defending the rights of the users to free access to the Internet.

The European Parliament rejected a vote and has already agreed with the major reform of the EU Member States telecommunications law, the so-called Telecom Package . At the last moment of 407 MEPs voted as having been submitted by the Liberal, the Greens and the left cut amendment banning Internet without a court order.

The member countries agreed to in earlier negotiations with MEPs earlier version of the Telecommunications Package, which allowed such a possibility. Forced by the French government in defense of the rights of copyright owners.

What is the Telecommunications Package? Internet users alerted that it threatens freedom of the Internet allowing national governments (and ISP’s) to restrict access to the network without court order.

Internet freedom at risk “is no longer pure fantasy.” Internet should always be free and deprived by any regulation.

That was just first round. Who will win in the future? Money or freedom?

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