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Why pay for managing my online advertising by professionals when I can do it myself?

May 1st, 2009 | Author: admin

Why pay for managing my online advertising by professionals when I can do it myself?Why pay for managing my online advertising by professionals when I can do it myself?This is a frequent question form our customers, that is why we decided to give you an answer. We would like to show few points that you are probably not aware of and which make all the difference when applied. It’s not the amount of money that you spend on ads that counts its quality and precision of your advertising.

Here’s why:

  • We can ensure your keywords and ads will have high Quality score. Quality Score is a dynamic variable calculated for each of your keywords. It combines a variety of factors and measures how relevant your keyword is to your ad text and to a user’s search query. In general, the higher Quality Score, the lower your costs and the better your ad position – Simple just on that single point you will get return on investment. But there’s more…
  • Building high Click Through Rate (CTR) – the amount of ad impressions to the quantity of clicks, higher CTR means higher ad placement and lower price for single-click – You save again.
  • Prevention of error clicks for e.g. by the including of specially selected “negative” keywords, this way your budget will not be lost to inappropriate clicks – One of the biggest money wasters.
  • Selection of the best keywords – analysis of the most frequently entered keywords by users and keyword competition analysis. Relevant keywords will ensure larger number of ad impressions, more clicks, and to ensure that your ad will show only to those persons who are truly interested in particular service – Relevant ads means more clicks, higher position and highest conversion rate.
  • Building separate campaigns optimized for content network – that means your ads will not only be displayed on Google searches but as well on thousands of other websites in Google affiliate network – More ads in more places.
  • Testing multiple ads in each Ad Group – experimenting with different offers and call-to-action phrases to see what is most effective for your advertising goals. This methodology extracts best performing ads and focuses your entire budget only on them – No wasting money on bad performing ads.


Comparing to other ways of advertising like Golden Pages, Google AdWords gives you biggest value of money available currently on the market. Just last year online advertising in Ireland boosted by 70%. This year we predict that Google AdWords advertising will be the most important tool to fight with recession.


Here is a link to our AdWords section for more information:

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